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James Hinchcliffe, Former Race Car Champion, Opens Up About His New Passion: Broadcasting

If you have some knowledge about race car games, you would definitely be familiar with the name James Hinchcliff. As a full-time IndyCar competitor, Hinchcliffe has marked numerous records. He is a six-time IndyCar champion and is considered one of the ruthless race car drivers out there. However, the car race enthusiast stepped away from IndyCar last year and though the reasons for his early retirement were initially unknown, it turns out that he has found a whole new passion in life: broadcasting.


IndyCar/ James Hinchcliffe became widely popular on social media after he made “magical moves” while dancing with the stars.

Until now, the racer had not made any public comments about his slight career change. In May 2022, however, in an interview with The People, the former IndyCar champion  talked about his “career transition.” The outlet asked him about his experience from a racer to a live commentator on racing.

The ruthless car race driver claimed that his post-retirement life has been wonderful and said that one thing was for sure–he would not be racing anymore.

Twitter / James Hinchcliffe “loves” the rush of live TV.

The outlet then asked him about the core thing that attracted him to broadcasting. The interviewer also noted that the 35-year-old former driver had had a widely successful career at IndyCar and it seemed to have ended too soon. “You are only 35 years old now. What made you think about slightly switching your career which was widely successful,” asked the interviewer? “Well, when I looked at the rush of live TV – AKA broadcasting – it has something in it. Something which I could not find in actual racing. The hostility and the rush. This is where I was attracted to broadcasting.” Responded Hanchecliff, who is now serving as the live commentator in IndyCar.

His Dance Move Made James Hinchcliffe A Fan Favorite

IndyCar / Along with Shana Burgess, Hinchcliffe participated in the show’s celebrity dance competition – that became a turning point for the IndyCar Champion.

As per James, the dance competition allowed the former driver to develop new skills that he had been unable to find in his previous career as a racer. “As I reflect back, I am assured today that broadcasting and live commentary allow me to develop new skills. I mean, things that were unknown to me when I was competing.”

James now works for NBC Sports as a live commentator and he thinks that participating in the dancing competition was a whole new experience for him. “Now, I am confident that it (referring to dancing) is beyond just the steps and motion. It is your emotions linked with every step that you take.”

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