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Rob Lowe and Son Jhon Owen Lowe Will be Starring in a New Netflix Comedy ‘Unstable’

The punchy son and father relationship between Rob and Jhon Lowe has inspired a Netflix comedy series. The series, which is called Unstable, revolves around the social media relationship between the son and father duo. To begin with, the relationship between father Rob and son John Owen is humorous. John Owen almost always trolls his father, who is widely successful, on social media. This is what the whole Netflix comedy series will be about; sources report.

Wall of the Celebrities / The creator of the previous Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, Victor Fresco, will be the showrunner of ‘Unstable.’

Talking about the upcoming series Unstable, the Head of Netflix’s Comedy Tracey Pakosta, said: “We are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the three goats of comedy (referring to Rob, John, and Vector.)” She went on to say that the Lowe duo and Vector are humorously funny, sensible, and smart. “We are optimistic that Unstable will be a super hit series and will serve as a masterpiece of comedy.”

What is the Official Premise of ‘Unstable’?

Youtube / The Lowe Official / Unstable revolves around the humorous plot of the younger Lowe helping and making fun of the elder Lowe -his father – throughout the series.

According to Netflix, the official premise of the comedy series Unstable goes like this: “The collection is set in a sophisticated biotech study company. It complies with a shy, socially challenged boy that is most likely to help his very successful and extremely eccentric daddy. The younger Lowe tries to save him from disaster.”

A Brief Look At the Three Stars of Unstable: Rob Lowe, John Lowe & Fresco

Nonetheless, the elder Lowe remains a star of Fox’s 911: Lone Celebrity. He organizes the podcast along with co-hosts The Parks. Likewise, the Recollection Shell that goes behind the scenes of NBC’s late night show is another masterpiece by Rob Lowe. On top of that, he is with WME, Brillstein Entertainment, and Latham & Watkins.

Getty Images / Archives / Rob and John Lowe have varying contributions and different success stories. But when they come on social media, the duo creates a whole new comedy scene.

Unlike his dad, whose sense of humor is not that sought after, John Owen Lowe counts acting credit histories. Quite recently, he starred in the indie film Attributes Poise Point. Similarly, he is also with WME, Untitled Amusement, and lawyer Jonathan D. West at Latham & Watkins.

Akin to the Lowes, Fresco’s credit histories include producing Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Better Off Ted. In addition to that, Emmy nominations for his composing work with Mad Concerning You and My Name Is Earl add up to the credit of the star.

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