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Where Will Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Spend Their Retirement?

As news of Tom Brady’s retirement is in the limelight, the quarterback’s fans are concerned about his next abode. Questions about his “next chapter” and residence are on air. That is why we have reached out to some selective credible sources to unleash the confusion of Brady’s fans.

USA Today / Brady is likely to make the announcement of his retirement soon. Reports ESPN

Are Brady and Bundchen Heading to Miami, Florida?

As sensible as it may sound, Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen are likely to move to Miami, Florida. This city has driven numberless models as the best adobe for their post-retirement lives. As many highly influential people flock towards Boca Raton Sarasota, a rare number opt for Indian Creek Island. This is where Brady is expected to move along with his wife, Gisele Bundchen, and four kids.

Indian Creek Island is known for its security, serenity, and natural beauty. As this suburb of Florida presents ample opportunities and entertainment sources, many known figures reside here. Ivanka Trump – the daughter of the former president of the US – popular actress Adriana Lima, and Jared Kushner are some of those celebrities. With that said, Brady and Bundchen will not be the only celebrities roaming the neighborhood of Indian Creek Island.

Jasmine / Pinterest / Indian Creek Island is the favorite abode of numerous celebrities.

Indian Creek Island has the all-encompassing solution to the concern every celebrity yearns for: Security. There are 24/7 active police who patrol around the suburb – both on the main and streets. So, there is no security risk for every celebrity that moves in here.

Will Brady & Bundchen Say Goodbye to Los Angeles?

As news of Brady’s retirement flashes around, the couple lives in a palatial house in Los Angeles. The palace is designed in a Spanish design with French doors, artistically crafted, that opens up to the backyard. Likewise, the property has celestial solar panels to power the entire house.

Deep swimming pools, mature trees, a lush green backyard, and numerous baseball courts and football grounds add up to the beauty of this house. Based on this Los Angeles house, we assume that Brady and Bundchen will have a similarly designed house in Miami, Florida.

Getty Images / Brady’s retirement comes after 22 successful NFL seasons.

The architecture will be spectacular since the duo has amassed a staggering net worth. So is the demand of the locality of Indian Creek Island. All the celebrities who reside have lavishly designed mansions in the vicinity of Miami Beach. That is why it is sensible to assume that Brady and Bundchen will have a worthwhile property in Miami.

Nevertheless, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not they will sell out their property in Los Angeles. However, what is confirmed is that the couple will spend their post-retirement life in Miami, Florida, along with their four children.

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