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4 TV Shows That Look Exactly Like A Movie

As the entertainment industry advances daily, the difference between TV shows and films is becoming more and more blurred. Certain TV shows are produced with mind-boggling cinematic qualities that are normally associated with high-budget productions for the big screen. Watching these TV shows, you will feel like you are watching a thriller movie. The industry has accepted the trend – and so has the audience. As a result, almost every TV show that has cinematic qualities to it has turned out to be a blockbuster.

Prime Watch / As the entertainment industry advances, the difference between a movie and a TV show becomes blurrier.

The funny part is that audiences love it. And what could be a better objective of a producer than entertaining his audience? Nothing! Here are 4 TV shows that look exactly like a movie:

“Sharp Objects”

Streamed in 2018, “Sharp Objects” is the top TV show that looks exactly like a movie. Behind the 2018 thriller TV show is the mastermind director Jean-Marc Valée. The same mastermind who came up with another blockbuster, “Big Little Lies.”

Rotten Tomatoes / The 2018 thriller TV show, “Sharp Objects,” is filled with cinematic qualities. Watching it, you will wonder if you are watching an action movie from the 90s.

However, what sets “Sharp Objects” apart from other TV shows is its cinematic qualities in it. Amy Adams (who plays Camille Preaker) goes through murder reporting and other horror incidents.

Overall, the TV show is much alike an action movie. But the mastery of Jean-Marc Valée makes it look effortless.

“My Brilliant Friend” 2018 – Present

Another blockbuster TV show that looks exactly like a movie is “Sharp Objects” from 2018 to the present. Watching this TV show, you can not help but wonder if you are watching a movie or a TV show.

Buzz Feed / “My Brilliant Friends” covers important themes like family, feminism, and the corruption of society.

The TV show is an inspiration by Elena Ferrante’s novel. And throughout the show, leading characters like Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco play the leading roles. And the show (read film) revolves around true friendship, family issues, societal expectations, and corruption.

“Midhunter” 2017 to 2019

“Midhunter” is a TV show that is produced by the legendary David Fincher. Although the TV show is set in the 70s, it gives us a modern understanding of a serial killer. The thriller has cinematic qualities that make it a mystery TV show.

Watching “Midhunter,” you can not help but wonder if you are looking for an action film or a TV show. Of course, these cinematic qualities are deeply embedded in the show by the legendary producer David Fincher.

Deep down, “Midhunter” is more like “Twin Peaks,” where the hero (Jonathan Groff) makes bold actions as the leading character. With the help of the crew, Fincher has come up with a TV show that is filled with cinematic qualities. You will feel like you are watching a Fincher movie.

“Pride & Prejudice” (1995 Version)

The 1995 TV show “Pride & Prejudice” is another cinematic one. This TV show, which is filled with cinematic qualities, is one of the classic TV shows of the 90s.

Although the rhythm of “Pride & Prejudice” is gentler and quieter, it has certain cinematic qualities that make the show more like a movie.

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