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5-Time Divorcee Pamela Anderson is Not Ready to Give up on True Love

Starlet Pamela Anderson may have faded away from our television screens but the famed ‘Baywatch’ actress is ever-persistent in finding true love. That is, she is not giving up on looking for ‘The One’ and even said she wanted to get married again.

The 52-year-old made headlines a few months ago because of her 12-day marriage to producer Jon Peters, which, as it turned out, wasn’t even legal at all. A source said that the pair failed to submit the paperwork needed after they tied the knot on Jan. 20.

In an interview, Pamela did confirm that she wasn’t married and during the moment, fear played a great role. The self-proclaimed romantic believes she became an easy target but strongly feels that there no wedding took place.

Jim Smeal Jon Peters tied the knot with the ‘Baywatch’ star in January

The bombshell narrated how her relationship with Jon blossomed after her trip to India, where she engaged in panchakarma cleanse. For three weeks, Pamela meditated, making everything seem so clear, and when she got back, her meeting with Jon turned into a whirlwind relationship.

It was said that Jon pursued her for 30 years and they remained in touch via text messages while she was in India. When she returned home, they hosted a lunch attended by both of their family and friends where he proposed, a source claimed.

Donald Bowers/Getty Images — Pamela married Rick Salomon twice

The actress believes she and Jon were just two wounded people who wanted to mend their hearts. Although the two are no longer in touch and wish each other the best during this difficult time.

She has no regrets about what happened and is still grateful that she almost married Jon. This is to think that the Malibu, California ceremony was attended by Pamela’s sons.

Despite the short-lived romance, Pamela is still open to the possibility of finding hopefully the perfect man for her – one that’s for good. Even though conflicting reports say she has been married too many times, she clarified that she only said ‘I do’ three times all her life.

Other Marriages

Pamela was previously married to Tommy Lee and they share two kids, Dylan and Brandon. The couple, who only knew each other for 96 hours before exchanging vows, had an infamous messy relationship with the musician ending up in Los Angeles County Jail for spousal abuse.

FilmMagic Pamela shares two sons with artist Tommy Lee

Then, Pamela exchanged vows with Kid Rock, whom she divorced in 2006. The actress then went to tie the knot with the poker player in 2007 and 2013 (yes, twice), with both marriages only lasting less than a year.

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