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Thelma Pearl Howard: The Housekeeper Who Died As A Millionaire!

Yes, you read it correctly – there has been a maid in history who died as a millionaire!

She, however, wasn’t an ordinary maid. She was the one hired by the owner of the world’s favorite company, Walt Elias Disney.

Alexander Dummer /Pexels | Her love brought the entire family happiness

A Real-Life Mary Poppins?

Thelma, also called the “Mary Poppins of Reality”, was born in 1915 June in the city of Southwick. Her entire family was into farming and her early life was more of a roller coaster of sadness and grief. Her mother passed away when she was six years old while giving birth to one of her siblings.

Adding onto her losses, two of her siblings lived short too, and left the family before reaching 20. Being the second of six children, the little girl had a load of responsibilities on her shoulders.

Thelma was fond of studying so she shifted to Washington to attend college but sadly at that time the odds were not in her favor, and perhaps she had to drop out due to the insufficiency of cash for college fees. After that, she took her suitcase to LA, where the brave young woman worked at three places to fulfill her basic needs. One thing still unanswered is – what made her and Mary Poppins similar?

Quang Nguyen Vinh /Pexels |Farmers in Southwick, her homeland.

The Fortune Of Turning 36

The animator Walt Disney- was looking for a woman who was keen enough to adapt to the environment of the house, making it a safe place for his daughters, where they would bond with the maid and have a heartwarming relationship. Good for her! In her late thirties, the hardworking woman was finally given a lucky charm, as she was the one chosen to nurture Walts’s girls.

The family’s past experience with their cook was not pleasing at all, the house became more like a huge prison for the girls, so Thelma really had to stay careful as expectations were high.

The girls were free to do whatever in the house, they enjoyed seeing their caretaker cook three meals every day swiftly as if she was a sorcerer. All the affection, dedication, and honesty she gave to the members was returned wholeheartedly, which is a reason why she was secretly an elite class member.

The Pros Of Being In The Walt Family

Being a worker in the house of one of the richest men in the world always comes with pros, but what makes it even better is when the man has a good heart like Walt Disney. The house worker was given a higher pay as compared to others, but what is an add-on is that he would give Thelma shares of Disney Co’ twice a year- on her birthday and Christmas- and Thelma, respecting him so much, never sold a single share that was gifted to her. She also bought stakes herself at times for side investment.

Ron Lach / pexels | She chose a decent life, winning the hearts of millions.

When she died, her Will left everyone flabbergasted, which stated that she had one hundred and ninety-three thousand company shares. Estimating the amount, it makes more than 10 million dollars. Half of the money was given to her only son, and the rest was donated to start a charity organization. 

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