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How Does Technology Promote Change

How do we improve the state of the world? This question has been asked for ages, but now, some extremely contemporary solutions are available. Recent technology developments have provided us with new avenues for communication with people in our local communities and throughout the globe. 


More than three billion individuals have access to the internet as of 2015, and more than two billion of those people utilize social media. Never before have so many people been so easily accessible. There is plenty of potential to use contemporary technology to encourage social change, even if many people use it for amusement and commerce. Here are a few methods for doing just that.

Technology: Good or bad? 

ThisIsEngineering/ Pexels | Thanks to technology, it’s now easier to go to work or perform household chores


Opinion surveys suggest people tend to have a nuanced view of technology but nonetheless worry about the risks: while generally positive about longer-term benefits, especially for health, many are also concerned about the negative impact on their lives, in particular in the areas of job security, material living standards, safety, and trust.


Intrinsically, technology is neither good nor bad it is the use to which it is put that makes the difference. Technological innovations over the ages have brought major welfare gains in the form of better and longer life, higher incomes, and extended leisure. In our age, frontier technologies such as the Internet of Things, smart robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence will boost productivity growth, raising prosperity and replacing mundane or dangerous tasks. They have the potential to do good across a wide range of domains, from healthcare to education.

Technology boosts business

Julia M Cameron/ Pexels | The universal value behind the technology is bringing equality to products and services and minimizing socioeconomic gaps among societies and people


Because we live in a capitalist society, corporations frequently use new technological developments to enhance the quality of their goods and services or the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Over the years, new technology has also been developed to improve corporate processes.

Easier communication

In a professional situation, clear communication is essential. The inability to communicate clearly or on time between coworkers or businesses and their clients has cost corporations millions of dollars. The phone was the primary form of communication in the not-so-distant past. You would need a secretary to manage your schedule, and you would need to pray that you wouldn’t get caught playing phone tag while a deadline was approaching. 

Hugo Sanchez/ Gulf News | It has also influenced various fields in today’s society, such as transportation, education, and medicine


These days, scheduling can be automated with the use of technological solutions. Thanks to communication platforms, employees may communicate through chat or email on different devices, whether in the office or not. In essence, communication with everyone within your organization, as well as with clients and prospects, is simply because everyone is connected.


Numerous areas of our lives have been significantly impacted by robotics. For instance, many hazardous duties in the manufacturing sector can be assigned to robots, making the workplace a safer place. Because robots never get tired or distracted and because they continuously carry out the tasks they were trained for, robotics can also aid in enhancing the speed and quality of the production process.

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